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Are you a business-owner who is a minority, a woman, a military veteran, disabled, socially or economically disadvantaged? Business-owners with these attributes may be missing out on winning contracts from Fortune 1000 companies and Supplier Diversity Representatives because they don't know about certification. Certified companies are growing at a much faster pace and winning bigger, better contracts. Are you ready to think bigger. National? Global? Yes, you CAN do it. Would you be amazed if a Fortune 1000 purchaser called asking if you would like to be "invited" to bid? Most companies are not even aware they are eligible for certification. Take a look at our "Certifications" page for a list. You can also call us at 808-253-9700 or "email us today" info@vantageptinc.com

Our Experience
Vantage Point Consulting Inc. has 25 years of experience performing certification reviews. Its staff have served on appeals committees for national certification organizations. Its founder is a business-owner who utilized certifications to build a multimillion-dollar, global corporation. We at Vantage Point Consulting are unique in that we are able to offer customers a strategic view from both sides. See the "About Us" page for more information.

Applying for Certification
Most minority owned certification and woman owned certification applications are 300 to 500 pages long, with little room for error. Unfortunately, 63% of new applications are denied when the applicant has prepared their own document package. When your application is prepared by Vantage Point Consulting, our denial rate is near 0%.

Your time is precious and your business important: let Vantage Point Consulting guide you through the process. Call or email us for a free, confidential assessment by signing up on our "Assessment" page. We will help you determine what the right certification is for you, and what steps you need to take to ensure a successful application.

You've got ideas. We've got the expertise. Let's talk.

Through targeted certification, you can expect to gain:

Higher profits with less competition;
New revenue streams;
More secure, longer lasting contracts;
Corporate sustainability, growth and recognition in your field;
National and global opportunities;
Direct access to the corporate decision makers who buy your products and services;
Invaluable exposure and promotion of your company creating a variety of opportunities;

Don't risk a DENIAL- You may have to wait 1-year before you can reapply!

Vantage Point helps you achieve these advantages by:

Determining what certifications or programs offer you the best financial opportunities;
Preparing your application for certification (or reviewing an application that you have compiled);

Introducing you to the most successful methods of marketing your certification;
Recommending specific targets that buy your product and would be a good match;
Helping you get a foot in the door and be the first in line;

Fortune 1000 Companies, the federal government, local and national organizations across the country search diligently for Certified Firms with whom to do business and award contracts.

They are now under unprecedented scrutiny to make sure they meet their diversity contracting goals. Become a part of this fast growing segment, become certified TODAY.

Supplier Diversity Representatives :

"Supplier diversity representatives are the heroes of certification, we're here to assure your vendors are meticulously vetted."

Vantage Points' primary obligation is to protect the integrity and reputation of your Supplier Diversity Program. You work hard to locate certified, capable vendors, we work just as hard to make sure your interests and brand are protected.

We have experience with de-certification proceedings due to our many years on M/WBE certification and appeals committees. De-certification is highly litigious and painful for all involved. We never want you to be put in that position

Our proprietary 30-45-minute FREE Assessment is unique. It's designed to assist the company address deficiencies we find. Additionally, our line of questions uniquely detect potential deception on the part of the applicant. Taking the time required for meticulous vetting is not a value proposition for a company like ours but, money isn't everything.

Speaking of money, our pricing is revealed on our website. NO up-selling, NO unexpected fees, NO surprises. The last thing newly certified firms need is a hard sell and on-going exorbitant fees for services available to them generally free of charge.

Please see our "About Us" page for more information on our specific areas of expertise.

Referrals: We would love a chance to be your organizational partner and a member of your team.